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What are the profile photos guidelines for GuySpy?

Great profile photos are the most effective way to get the attention of other guys on GuySpy.

Be aware that Apple, Google and Microsoft impose rules for photos viewable in their apps, and many advertisers don't want their ads displayed next to explicit images on the Web either. Our moderators will tag your profile photos as "Hot" if they match any of the following criteria:

  • Sexually explicit or overly suggestive photos
  • Photos with transparent/sheer or otherwise see through material below the waist.
  • Images where genital pubic hair is visible in large amounts
  • Erections (or outline of genitals through clothing)
  • Photos with grabbing, holding or touching genitals or genital area.
  • Images of hands or fingers placed in pants or pulling underwear outward
  • Nudity; lower front and back
  • Naked torso shots without a head or face
  • Nudity (particularly the genitals) covered up by a towel, hat or other means

If a photo is tagged as "Hot", the image will not be viewable directly inside the mobile apps, and will be replaced with a "Hot" symbol (it looks like a flame) in the grid view. On the web-site, the image will appear as the "Hot" symbol on pages that contain advertising. However, users can view the image by clicking on it.

As such, it is a good idea to always use a safe image for your primary profile photos, and a photo that shows your face, taken in good lighting, is usually the best to get guys' attention.

We also will completely remove certain images. Images that are not allowed include:

  • Sexual acts
  • Seminal fluids
  • Children
  • Violence

Under some circumstances,such as if your profile images imply that you are under age or that you are female, your profile will also be blocked. If your profile is blocked and you believe it has been done in error, please email us at and include a photo of your government issued ID in order to verify your identity. We take underage use of the service seriously, so if you are 18 years of age or older and we ask you for ID, please consider this a compliment as you would in a nightclub.

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