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What can’t I include in my profile?

The following content is not acceptable in profile pictures or photo album pictures on iPhone or Android. These images will be marked Too Hot for Mobile, and will be viewable on the web or mobile web only.

  • Nudity, including:
    • male genitals
    • bare buttocks
    • pubic hair
    • female nudity
    • naked torso, above the belt, without your face
    • see-through images revealing any of the above

The following content is not acceptable in profile pictures, voice greetings or text on any platform.

  • Graphic sexual activity or sexual behaviors, including:
    • Explicit sexual acts, functions (e.g. masturbation, ejaculation) and behavior
    • Lengthy discussions relating to sexual acts or functions, including descriptions of genitals
    • Obscured but clearly implied sexual acts
    • Visible sexual touching or fondling, including:
      • two or more people touching in a sexually suggestive context
      • people touching themselves in a sexually suggestive manner
    • Sexual violence
    • Material likely to incite interest in abusive sexual activity
    • Depiction of physical restraint in a sexual context (e.g. sadomasochism)
    • Degrading sexual or prurient activities (e.g. bestiality).
    • Sexual penetration of any kind
    • Use of objects to imply sexual activity
  • Violence, including:
    • Sexual violence/rape
    • Blood and gore
    • The act of killing
    • Deliberate injury or methods of causing pain or injury
    • Deliberate damage to objects
    • Criminal acts
    • Extreme violence including sadism, torture
    • Infliction of severe pain or physical harm
    • Violence involving use of weapons by human figures or fantasy characters that is realistic enough to be considered promotion of violence
    • Repeated sustained violence (including kicking, hitting, stabbing) that amounts to cruel and unusual behavior
    • Violence involving graphic images of blood or injuries
    • Calls to action or depictions that, in the context of the content, amount to clear intent to incite violence or any of the acts above
  • Hate speech, defined as any content, words or actions, intended to degrade, intimidate or incite violence or prejudicial action based on:
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Race
    • Ethnicity
    • National origin
    • Religion
    • Sexual orientation
    • Disability
    • Political affiliation
  • Any content, words or actions, that depict illegal drug or alcohol use.
  • Any activities that are restricted by law to those 18 years of age and older, such as gambling and lotteries

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