How can we improve GuySpy for iPhone?

What happened to my voice message

The thing that made this site different and interesting was the advertised voice memo I want to change mine but can’t find it or anybody else’s what’s the deal?
Trust me it’ll be worth getting them working I’m gonna sing my next one you’ll love it I’ll be famous one day you’ll regret it if you don’t have it. Apart from that it’s just kind of rude to advertise something and not have’s like meeting a “verse bottom” and actually believing he’s interested in using his peewee...
So how are you? I have a thing for the silent ones. I’m verse, into fetish and probably won’t ever be interested in scat except as in bee bop bop ba da da da da blah...
Does this give you any indication of how fixated I am about this app? I’m serious though. Im imagining you’re really sexy but with a face for radio. Am I right ?? X

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    Or you’re a lesbian with a cat called Lick me you cunt and a do it yourself hair job.
    Close? Wanna be my dealer ? I feel safe with lesbians because I can go out and know they’re not gonna hit on me. Let’s go out for a game of pool and a bear !!

    Or you’re a fundamentalist right Christian using our money to fund conversion therapy camps for children with rich desperate parents or buy poster paint and pickets !! OMG that’s hot. Do you want to have a very discreet affair ? I usually pick men up on apps but...oh I forgot myself!!
    :( !!
    I’m one very miffed queen. I’m gonna mince up to the bottle shop and try to pick up people who stop at the lights.
    I’m Australian you know?...Portia and I are practically best friends so don’t piss me off or you’ll have Ellen to answer to.

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